Revenge of the Vengeance Tour Wrap-Up


Hello friends! Thomas here.

Last Friday (following an overnight drive from Detroit, MI to Denton, TX), I crawled into my bed for the first time in over a month. The Revenge of the Vengeance tour with Psychostick and DOWNTOWN BROWN was over… and I was home.

As I laid there in my bed, I reflected on the insanity of the last 30 days.

23 shows in 11 states. 8,500 miles of driving. 2 blizzards. 1 flat tire. 1 cracked trailer hitch. 1 stolen Eyeball. Thousands of fans. And when the smoke cleared, we were left with only 3 size-small t-shirts remaining from a completely depleted stock of merchandise!

In the familiarity of my home, the tour suddenly seemed unreal… like it was all a dream.

And really, it was. It has been my dream since I was 12 years old.

URIZEN has been chugging along in its various forms for over 10 years now. There have been times when I wanted to quit. There have been times when I felt like I had no place in the world of music or media.There have been times when I felt like URIZEN had grown into little more than a hobby amidst the necessities of my everyday life. There has been fear. There has been doubt. There has been failure.

And yet, we struggled on… and on... and on…

Somewhere in the middle, though, the tide started to turn. Our stagnation seemed to finally be giving way to progress. Slowly but steadily. Until one day, amidst the struggle, I realized that it had happened. I was already there. I was living my dream.

I don't think it's especially likely that URIZEN will ever make us rich, but then, we never really needed to be rich anyway. All we've ever wanted was to be able to make our special brand of art/media/entertainment, and share it with people. Over the last 30 days, we got to share our art with a lot of people… and it was a dream come true.

I cannot begin to express the depths of my thanks to Psychostick. They took a chance on us, they had to fight to get us on this tour, and then they proceeded to take us to school for 30 days! To say I learned a lot from Psychostick would be an understatement. They are true professionals, amazing performers, talented artists and, now… good friends!

And of course it was an absolute honor to get to share the stage every single night with Downtown Brown! The level of talent they brought to this tour made us try even harder every night to make sure that we lived up to the standards of what was about to follow us. And in Downtown Brown, we also found new lifelong friends!

All of this would, of course, mean nothing if not for all of you, dear fans! Thank you to every single person that has even gotten one millisecond of joy from a song we wrote, or a concert we played. Connecting with people through art is everything to me. It is my spirituality. There is a feeling I sometimes get on stage when we are all united, audience and performers, and that, to me, is enlightenment. There is no other feeling like it. Thank you for those moments.

So where do we go from here? Well… we have a lot of dang ole' irons in the fire right now! The next URIZEN album is getting a lot of attention for the next 3 months, and we are on the verge of a really big, super-awesome, mind-blowing announcement for us!

Until then: Keep your eyes… open!

Thomas // URIZEN

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