URIZEN invades Dallas Gaming Convention

That's right, friends, we are very excited to announce that our next DFW metroplex appearance will be at the monumentally cool Dallas Gaming Expo!


This event has everything, man, holy crapshaith! Music! Free-play video games! Competitions! Celebrity guests! You'll be able to see diggity dang ol' Verne Troyer and Peter Mayhew in the same place at the same time! Whatta world!

Even better, we'll be reuniting with our awesomely handsome and talented tourmates in PSYCHOSTICK as they come to rock Dallas with us once again. Super Guitar Bros. and Droidekka are joining the mayhem too, so don't miss out!

Dallas Gaming Expo is happening at the Crowne Plaza in Addison on July 24th-26th. Get your tickets and book hotels NOW at dallasgamingexpo.com

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